Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Evaluation: Great Audio; Irritating Build

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Evaluation: Great Audio; Irritating Build

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 is among the more affordable name-brand wireless headsets, but fantastic audio doesn’t totally excuse its shameful layout.

By Marshall Honorof 29 November 2017

Our Verdict

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is among the less expensive name-brand wireless headsets, but fantastic sound does not completely excuse their awkward concept.


  • Difficult fit
  • Lackluster mic style
  • Minimal PC being compatible

Turtle seashore used to be the gold standard for gaming headsets, blowing rivals away with a unique mix of convenience, aesthetics and quality of sound. It did not take long for opposition to get best, though, and Turtle seashore happens to be only one great headset producer in a veritable water of various other very good wireless headset producers.

Enter the Turtle coastline Stealth 600 ($100), a radio headset the PS4 or Xbox One that looks good and doesn’t costs too much. A name-brand wireless wireless headset for $100 may seem like a superb contract. But an awkward mic, deficiencies in usefulness and a unpleasant match make the Stealth 600 a somewhat hard promote.

Turtle Beach generated many compromises using Stealth 600, but those compromises did make it one of many most affordable cordless video gaming headphones around. Weigh your alternatives consequently.


The Stealth 600 appears to be a relic on the just-about-bygone “extreme” video gaming time, with sharp angles bisecting the over-ear glasses and either bright-green or dark-blue shows, based whether you will get the PS4 or Xbox version.

Of specific notice is the boom microphone, which folds the whole way back once again, parallel to the ear cup. It is a fascinating halfway option, neither as elegant as a mic that folds into an ear mug nor as jarring as a mic that merely folds up.

The ear servings posses somewhat swivel to them, which helps them healthy comfortably, and fold up for portability. Although the foam padding on the headband try luxurious and also a lot of give, the extendable notches become low priced and finicky, so getting a good fit calls for some trial and error.

The remaining ear glass get quite congested, since it’s the place to find both levels switch and the chat-volume dial, which are literally right close to each other. If you were to think this feels like a confusing arrangement, you’re proper. Although it’s very an easy task to understand that the volume is on leading as well as the talk quantity is on the bottom, it really is exceedingly an easy task to dial the wrong one out of a heated moment following ponder why the video game has not received any quieter than prior to.

Beyond that, most of the keys are pretty quick. The left ear mug (which houses the recharging port; the best ear glass is actually favorably bare by comparison) keeps a power key, a pairing option and an equalization key, which enables you to switch among four modes. Which makes the remaining ear cup the practical center for the entire equipment is sensible from a cost-saving attitude, it is rather congested from layout and aesthetic perspectives.


Turtle coastline boasts your Stealth 600 uses technologies known as “ProSpecs” to manufacture their ear servings simpler on people who wear sunglasses. As a bespectacled individual, i could confirm that the wireless headset was abnormally easy on the ears, managing to create a aural seal without previously pushing straight down way too hard.

At first, the wireless headset decided it could fall off at any minute.

Every track I listened to was rich, refined and packed with lives. From step-by-step beat drums areas, to subtle singing harmonies, to drum and bass beats that failed to block out of the melody, the Stealth 600 was actually merely — and surprisingly — among the best sounds experience I ever endured with a gaming headset.

Bottom Line

The Turtle coastline Stealth 600 delivers superlative sounds for gaming and audio, the main thing a gaming headset must do. However, it doesn’t healthy well, their style seems also packed as well as its uncomfortable PC program helps make updates and repair a chore. As much as possible accept a wired unit, talk about the SteelSeries Arctis 5, which conforms towards head shape definitely better and sounds equally as good. Or, should you require having an invisible headset and do not care about maintaining a watch away for purchases, an alternative choice could be the exceptional Logitech G533, which is often designed for not as than its $150 suggested retail price.

For $100, you’re not very likely to see another name-brand wireless wireless headset, let-alone one that have this type of exceptional noise. The convenience and quality of sound alone may be worth the price; otherwise, you may have to give up wireless features for some thing convenient and adaptable.