My boyfriend along with his daughter have inappropriate relationship?

My boyfriend along with his daughter have inappropriate relationship?

He gets her every week-end when he has her it is exactly about her. He takes her whenever she desires and takes her down to consume every dinner. This will be fine however the thing is we’ve been “dating” just over a year. We place dating in quotes because we’ve gone on a number of times which he covered in this time around. I pay many the right time cause he is broke while he claims. he says 25% goes to child support 50% goes to rent 10% to church and 15% to his food and taking his daughter out leaving most the right time absolutely nothing. Okay i have accepted that but then there is certainly one other items. Just like the reality in his lap, holding her hand while he drives, if I drive he sits in the back cuddling with her, sit on the couch cuddling, they even hold hands as they sleep, he has her bed next to hers that he and his daughter 9 years of age always are touching, holding hands, carrying her, her. We have attempted to speak to him on how uncomfortable i will be with this specific and exactly how personally i think like he treats her like a gf more then a kid but he simply claims do not take on my child or keep my child alone. Is it normal? Have always been we overreacting?

Thank you for all your advice it is extremely helpful!! No further that’s that put up a flag that is red me personally. I will be therefore thrilled to hear that many think it is normal in which he’s simply being fully a good dad. One deilema down! Now there is the one more, just just what do I do about how exactly personally i think he treats me personally with regards to her? He and also the ex hate eachother and fight all of the time, from the phone along with her as soon as we are tring to obtain their child and she ended up being providing problems we thought to him simply tell her to have home and I’ll pick her up wanting to provide him an easy method at me to shut the blank up cause she didn’t want to drop her off and my man doesnt have a car he yelled. I did not say an additional term and I also left. I’m like whenever it comes down to such things as this I am thrown by him under the coach. I happened to be wanting to assist him. And times that are many do cancel my intends to get her cause otherwise he would not see her. And she adores me personally away many times cause he’s busy with helping a friend or doing church stuff and she doesn’t want to just wait around for him so i take the girl out and do fun things with her when I do her, I’ve taken her. Also there’s been times that are many could not buy her meals so I would. He has got been dealing with wedding and me personally being a stepmom that is great their daughter but he makes me feel omitted. I will be simply requesting 10% attention whenever she actually is around. He won’t also hold my hand. She shows me perthereforenally so much attention and love when I do together with her but he treats me personally like i am simply an outsider. She also grabed their hand and put it in mine before. Plus one time he has yelled at me in the front of her cause I attempted to carry their hand after which their daughter yelled at her dad not to ever be mean if you ask me. I felt so incredibly bad she needed to observe that he is like this plus it ended up being therefore sweet just how protective this woman is of me personally. Anyhow my issue has absolutely nothing to do together with her, I like her, it is exactly how he treats me personally when she actually is around. Exactly What must I do? Many Thanks once again!

Sorry to let you know this but i do believe you’re over reacting. The things I’m seeing from your tale is a person whom greatly loves his child. It appears if you ask me that this woman means a complete great deal to him. As well as its extremely normal.

My advice, try not to place malice to something that your guy do in order to his child. He could be attempting to be described as a father that is good. Help him, don’t criticize him. Don’t u believe that in the event the man along with his daughter has a relationship that is unusual he wouldn’t normally date you to start with if that is situation? And most importantly, do not make him select. You are clearly perhaps not likely to be opted for between both you and their child.

I do believe this relationship is just a little uncommon.

There’s nothing incorrect with being affectionate together with your son or daughter, but this appears to be too strange if I am asked by you.

I really do perhaps not understand any paternalfather would you this sort of things with regards to daughters.

I do not think its uncommon. He gets her only on right weekend? So might be he could be attempting to make up for the weekdays by which he can not see her.

And may also be its a little too close but I do not see concern that is much. The concern have to be expected is, maybe you have seen more improper things than that which you pointed out?